San Diego Ghost Tours
San Diegos Only Ghost Tour Based on Personal Ghost Hunting Experiences
Walking Ghost Tours
Tour Times and Days

Thur, Fri,Sat and Sun

Adults $19
Kids 6-12 $10
5 and under Free
(Cash or Credit Card)
at the start of the tour

11pm (reservations needed)
$39 Per-Person

NEW 11pm After Hours Private Ghost

The tours are based of things that I have found while
Ghost Hunting here in Old Town for 15 years. We will
walk and stop I will tell some things that I found while
Ghost Hunting.

Walking Tour Includes
*Guided Tour
*Use Meters
*Enter Haunted Building
(energy that hovers above the ground)

We meet at the Water Fountain that is in
front of Fiesta De Reyes
in the , Old Town San Diego
State Historic Park
2754 Calhoun St. San Diego, CA 92110

San Diegos ONLY
Multimedia Ghost Tour

Each Walking Tour

*Guided Tour
*Use Meters
*Enter Haunted Building
(energy that hovers
above the ground)
Days Closed
Nov 1st
11pm After Hours Private
Ghost Tour
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Join me on a tour and find out why
San Diego Ghost Tours is
San Diego's Most Popular Ghost Tour
You have seen it on TV
Now come see it for Yourself
My Tours are based on 15 years of
Ghost Hunting here in San Diego...

Would you like to see what I found??
All Tours Subject to Change Without Notice
Things to do in San Diego
New 11pm Ghost Tour
Did you see me on The Ghost Adventures
Join me on the Tour and I will tell you what they
did not show you on TV....
See me on a Ghost Hunting show that did not make it on T.V.
After 10 Years
I still offer San Diego's Only Family Friendly Ghost Tour
& The only NON COSTUME Ghost Tour in Town
Ghost Hunting, Star of India